Vintage 100cc Petrol Motorcycle Rally organised in Connaught Place; hundreds gathered

The annual event of 100 cc vintage petrol bikes went underway in Connaught Place on Sunday. Participants came in numbers from all around the city to flaunt their treasured possessions. The silent city was echoing again with its long-forgotten frenemy ‘petrol engine’ noise. The rally passed through the old iconic petrol pumps, through the oil museum and ended at the city’s famous Moolchand petrol pump National Heritage.

The rally also saw attendance from Auto journalists who left their practice after the events of 18 June 2019. Reminiscing his old days, one of the prominent guests who is a Bollywood writer penned down a poem and recited it for the audience.

धुआं था मेहनत का जो दो पहियों पर दिखता था,

धक धक करके सड़को पर, दिल भी उसका धड़कता था.  

खून की तरह बहती थी वो पेट्रोल की बूँदें,

पर अब तो उन यादों को आप अपने सपनो में ही ढूंढें.

बीता हुआ कल, आज कैसे वापिस आ गया समय की नींद तोड़ के,

सुन लो इनको जी भर के, कल फिर शांत हो जाएंगी यह सड़के.