“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” These are the words of American spiritual teacher and author Ram Dass who has inspired many including Steve Jobs to take the path of spiritualism. Words that have taken many to the destination of enlightenment, have not stood true for the people of Chennai, for whom these words have amplified the fear which they are already coping with.
Years of silence on the streets and the extinction of ICE noise has made the people a little jittery as their senses are biologically not able to handle the silence. People are hearing noises which is making them go mad and, according to experts, this state is called Sedatephobia, the fear of silence.

Wide eyes, sudden jerks while sitting quietly for long, taking more than the normal amount of time to cross zebra crossings and shouting out loud, “WHAT IS THAT NOISE??” while talking with someone are the symptoms of this phobia.
According to evolutionary biologist Dr. Revoltananthan Reddy, this phobia is due to an unexpected change in the environment of the city.

“You see, every human who was born in Chennai had heard the sound of traffic first and then their mother’s voice. So, naturally their ears and brain over the years had found peace and harmony with the traffic noise and of engines running”.

“After 2019 we saw streets getting silent, noiseless traffic jams and mute engines on the road. After that year and till date people haven’t heard the noises they grew up with. You see if you change the world people live in, it is going to jolt them up, right?”

Looking at the number of affected people, the Govt. has jumped into action and opened up S.R.T (Silence Reversal Centres) in different parts of the city. The services here are free and is expected to provide some relief to the people of chennai.

People can book a slot a day before for a session. In their slot, they will be provided with an uninterrupted hour of traffic noises and ICE engine sounds to recreate the aura of the era gone by.

Experts believe that this is a temporary solution and people over the coming years will get used to it. Interestingly there are no symptoms to be seen amongst the younger generation who have named this phobia as a #GenerationalFaf and are asking everyone “why are you getting affected, WHY?”.

Well, no one knows how much time will it take for people of Chennai to get out of this state but they do blame the summer of 2019 when India’s first AI enabled revolution was launched and right now is making their senses go haywire.

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