Monks migrating to Delhi from mountains in numbers; the social trend says #OldMonksAreComing

In an unusual series of events which people have never witnessed before, monks from the nearby mountain states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir have started migrating to the capital of India.

Locals and authorities along NH-44 are clueless about this sudden activity and many have taken to social media to display their confusion and excitement. Tik tok videos and selfies of the monks are circulating the web with the hashtag #OldMonksAreComing. No one yet has identified the reason of this incidence and there are many speculations floating around.

Our correspondent Mikhilesh Jha caught up with one of the groups at the outskirts of Karnal to get to the core but couldn’t get a reply from the monks as they were all observing noble silence.

On the other hand, the city of Delhi is getting ready to welcome their new guests and have put up tents and restrooms for the monks with banners welcoming them at the state border.

He also urged all citizens of Delhi to welcome their new guests by dedicating their facebook cover image with that of the monks.

Rakesh Mandal, social media minister of the Government and spokesperson of the DJP said, Yeh toh acha hi hai ki humare yahan khud bhagwaan ke pratyanidhi aa rahe hain, aur tayaariyon ka kya hai, pehle kaanwaron ke liye karte the ab inke liye karenge. Khaana bana rahe hain ekdum satvik, tent went bhi laga rahe hain. Bas DJ nahin honge, kyunki shaanti waale dharma se hain yeh.”

But, amongst all this confusion, the question remains- why are these monks leaving the mountains and moving to the plains? We don’t know the definitive answer but one of the comments on our feed caught our attention which did sound reasonable.

Comment by the user ‘life is a revolt’, said “The prophecy made after 18 June 2019 that Delhi will be silent now is finally coming true.”