In the world of fashion, certain trends come up that defy logic. One such fashion trend has started in Ahmedabad. Jignesh Patel (a.k.a J.PAT) is a famous fashion designer from one of the leading fashion houses of Gujarat. He found the idea of this latest trend while on vacation.

J.Pat was on a vacation in South Goa with his girlfriend. They were enjoying drinks on the beach, admiring the sunset, when a pollution mask washed ashore and lay by his feet. Not knowing what it is, J.Pat picked it up and tried it on. His girlfriend looked at him and said the word ‘dope’.

Being influenced by his girlfriend’s motivation, J.Pat decided to pitch these masks as a luxury accessory in the next creative meeting at his company. His team loved this idea. They decided to make it the show-stopper of their winter fashion week, cancelling the contract of the supermodel, Smokey Leone.

The youth of Ahmedabad seems to have fallen in love with these pollution masks. Colleges are filled with students wearing pollution masks. On the one hand, while it is a favourite amongst the younger generation, the professors in colleges have started to hate them. According to them, teaching a class full of students wearing masks feels like teaching protestors. Some teachers believe students have started wearing these masks because the professors seldom bathe. They think it is a protest against the faculty’s miserable body odor.

The dating scene of Ahmedabad has also been affected by this new trend. Men and women both show up wearing these masks, trying to woo the other. Many dates conclude without either person taking off their masks.

Leading global fashion houses have decided to join this fashion parade. Cuggi and Barsaati have launched their own lines of pollution masks. They come adorned with diamonds and platinum, and have been priced as high as Rs. 50,000. Whether these fashion houses know that these masks were manufactured due to rising air pollution levels, we don’t know yet. But, they certainly know how to sell a product.

Who knew an A.I. enabled motorcycle launched in 2019 would make the world of fashion turn on its head.
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