Cyrus Bikewallah nabs another Booker Prize for this year’s bestseller ‘Silencer: The one who never knew silence’

The 2029 Man Booker Prize was awarded to Cyrus Bikewallah for his book “Silencer: The one who never knew silence”. The book which touches upon the story of a boy who was born mute but went on to become one of the most influential Musicians of all time has already been on the list of the top best sellers in many Countries and has also received wide spread critical acclaim from literary critics and readers.

The author born and brought up in a Parsi family in Mumbai grew up around a lot of motorcycles as his father was an auto enthusiast and a bike collector. He remembers the day when the idea to write the book came and then grew over him for years.

Talking about the day Cyrus says, “After June 2019 a lot of things started changing over the years for everyone. One day I was going back home from school when I saw a petrol bike silencer lying around the corner of my colony silently. It just hit me, that this guy who never was true to his name had suddenly gone all silent and this particular thought just kept growing with me. It was just on a random day that I decided to pen this thought down as a story.”

While accepting the award, he dedicated this achievement to the old mechanics who used to work on petrol bike engines and were dedicated towards their work. “Since my father was always around bikes, he knew a lot of local mechanics and I used to learn a lot from them. what it’s like to break your back and be dedicated to your work is what I have learned from them.”

Cyrus also recalls the summer of 18 June 2019 which he says if it wouldn’t have come, he would have never got the idea for his book.