In a strange turn of events, a man has single-handedly brought the entire traffic of SG Highway to a standstill. The man is Ramesh Joshi and is the owner of an air purifier company based out of Bodakdev. After intense tussle, the local police were able to move him from that critical traffic junction to the Town Hall.

According to Mr. Joshi, he has been on a hunger-strike since last Tuesday. However, photos of innumerable pizza boxes and fried chicken buckets have surfaced online, next to the place of his protest.

Ramesh Joshi is protesting against the city’s clean air. While the city’s clean air has eased breathing problems for residents, it has adversely affected Mr. Joshi’s business.

“This clean air is going to run us all out of business. Iss neele aasman ka asar mere jaise chhote businessmen par padega. Humara ghar kaise chalega? Aakhir hum do baar ki roti kaise khayenge? Aur mai akela nahi hun, mere jaise aur kaafi businessmen hain,” he said.

However, some of Mr. Joshi’s friends told our reporters the real reason for his ferocious protest is his lavish lifestyle. During the era of petrol vehicles, Mr. Joshi was making a fortune through his business. But now, he has had to make some adjustments. He had to sell his supercars and bikes to support his lifestyle. He has also sold some property so that he can still live like the old days.

He also started indulging into various weird activities when he saw that the city’s air-quality started improving. For instance, he started taking out his entire locality’s trash and burning it in order to deteriorate the air quality. The police caught him twice but he got out both times, saying the trash caught fire through his cigar and he was simply trying to stop the fire.

This unique situation has gotten serious media coverage. During his strike local social-media influencers came to meet Mr. Joshi bringing him chocolate bars, and trying to increase their online following.

Although, Ramesh Joshi refuses to share any food with anyone, he says he will keep this hunger strike going until the local government decides to do something about it as his business has taken a severe hit.

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